Educate Yourself on the Trend to Legalize e-signatures for Wills
There is a growing movement to legalize e-signatures for wills and trusts
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Two COVID Resources to Provide for Every Client
This COVID-19 pandemic brings us face-to-face with our mortality. Especially in hard-hit areas, it is painfully evident that everyone is at risk with this unpredictable infection, and even young and healthy people may die in a relatively short period. Because of this, every one of your clients needs...
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Can You Be Part of an Alzheimers Trial?
We’ve often talked about the need for increased research directed at Alzheimer’s disease. This dreaded illness is affecting more than 5 million people in this country, and therefore many multiples of that number of family members. How can we slow, stop, or cure this disease? 

One thing you can d...
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When Grief Becomes Depression - Telltale Signs & Action Steps

When your client is grieving the death of someone significant, how do you distinguish between normal deep grief and a situation where they need professional help? It is important first to understand that the majority of people navigate their way through grief without major dysfunctions. But tha...

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Our Top 10 Favorite Corgenius Articles of 2019

Throughout the year, we share our insights and expertise in a variety of ways from teaching at conferences to writing for industry publications to offering our Master Classes.

Considering the abundance of information you deal with every day, you’ve probably missed some of our recent articles. We...

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Resources for Grieving Children

No matter their age, it is always tragic for a child when a parent or other significant person dies. It is particularly difficult because so few people know how to accompany a grieving child, and so few of their peers have any experience or wisdom to draw on to help.

These are two recently publis...

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New Hope for Diagnosing Alzheimers Disease?
There is recent research on Alzheimer’s disease that you may wish to share with your clients. Scientists have isolated a new variation of dementia that mimics Alzheimer’s disease. They call it LATE, because it doesn’t manifest itself until people are in their 80’s. Yet it is far more widespread than...
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When Clients Want More Than Your Financial Expertise 

When Clients Want More Than Your Financial Expertise

In this day and age, financial expertise alone is insufficient to gain and retain clients. Clients expect more. They want you to understand their personal experience, and be equipped to walk them through whatever life throws at them.

Truth is, for ...

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Life happens, and we are not in control. I learned this lesson yet again last month when I tripped over some fencing and fell hard onto concrete. The impact broke a crucial bone in my hip, and a few weeks later I had a total right hip replacement. This was not in my plans. 

As the news got out, ...
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When Clients Chase After Closure
For many in our society, closure means leaving grief behind, a milestone they usually expect within a matter of weeks or months. Closure means being “normal”, getting back to your old self, no longer crying or being affected by the death. It means “moving on with life” and leaving the past behind, e...
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