Listen to how Corgenius training has
impacted these professionals:
JJ Burns - JJ Burns & Company
Jane Yoo - Jane Financial
Melanie Colwell - Galecki Financial Management

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Comments from Corgenius Session Attendees

In the 30 years I've been doing this, it was one of the best value add events I have ever been a part of and I mean it. – Sam P.

I was just changed forever by Amy’s talk. - Jonathan M.

As someone who attends multiple summits each year, honestly it was the best breakout I have had in years. - Rebekah B.

This was one of the best presentations I've been to in a long time.  - Irene B.

I have learned how to be a better person, friend, and advisor. - Elaine W.

WHAT a stellar, polished presentation! I could listen to it again and again. - Cindy P.

This was the best investment I made in myself and career in a long time. - Nathan P.

I was hooked after her first minute of talking. - Gatey G.

This was the best investment of time in any conference I have attended! - Lori B.

Training that every financial advisor needs, but has never had. - Thomas W.

Words can't explain the impact this will have on those who attended! - Leland B.

Amy was amazing today! I honestly had tears a few times. We are so blessed to have you to share your beautiful message. - Karen D.

Wayne Pichon, a recently retired CFA with decades of experience, tells how Corgenius training gave him the insight and language to guide clients through whatever life throws them.