Can You Be Part of an Alzheimers Trial?

03.28.20 12:30 PM Comment(s) By Amy

We’ve often talked about the need for increased research directed at Alzheimer’s disease. This dreaded illness is affecting more than 5 million people in this country, and therefore many multiples of that number of family members. How can we slow, stop, or cure this disease? 

One thing you can do (and encourage others to do): Participate in a clinical trial with the Alzheimer’s Association. We caution that before you do so, you ensure your life and health insurance are in place, so the results of any testing don’t affect insurability. Given that caveat, though, the more people who participate, the more accurate and verified the results will be. 

I am personally part of a trial right now that is still looking for more volunteers. It is called Alzheimer Prevention Trials Webstudy, and is conducted through the USC Alzheimer’s Therapeutic Research Institute. It is an online memory and thinking skills research study aimed at healthy people, studying them over time to see what happens to their memory and cognition skills. 

Participants complete a series of online tests every three months that assess memory and cognition, and the results are tracked over time. If a participant is found to be at increased risk of Alzheimer’s or is starting to show early signs, they may be invited for an in-person evaluation that can include additional tests, a brain scan, and blood tests. (These further steps can be declined at any point.) Depending on the results, the participant will be offered opportunities to enter other trials aimed at slowing or curing the disease. 

Anyone age 50 and older is eligible for the APT Webstudy – it’s simple and free. Because it’s done online, it can be done from anywhere at any time. The only requirements are an internet-connected device and an interest in participating in Alzheimer’s research studies. 

If you have questions, email the APT Webstudy team directly at [email protected]. If you wish to participate, Click here to visit the APT Webstudy

In addition to your own participation if you are eligible, you may consider making the opportunity available to your clients. You can put it in your next newsletter, put notices in your office, or talk about it in client meetings. Let’s join together and see what we can do to manage and perhaps even cure this disease! 


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