Grief Coaching
​with Amy Florian

The only thing harder than grieving is grieving alone. 

Yet in my experience of working with over 2500 grieving people, they so often feel terribly alone, because most would-be comforters don’t understand, want to “fix” them, or (especially after the first few weeks have passed) want to “help” them move on.

For years, advisors have asked me about 1:1 grief coaching to clients who don’t want to feel alone. Their clients needed an expert coach to help guide them through their grief in ways that others can’t.

Now you can arrange for my services and avoid having to research support groups and counselors in your area or be at a loss for who to recommend! Let me be the companion they seek.

Or perhaps you are grieving yourself (as we all do!) You can get expert personal grief coaching, or provide it to family members longing for someone to talk with about their experience.                            

  A Companion on the Journey

I coach via Zoom, so client location is inconsequential. You can pay the fee yourself on behalf of a valuable client, or you can refer clients directly to me.


You can purchase coaching time for $150/hour or save 10% by purchasing a block of 5 hours to use whenever you need it.

Submit an inquiry through the form below. Help those you work with, serve, and care about get grief coaching that makes a difference. 

please note that Amy is not a licensed clinical health professional