Our Top 10 Favorite Corgenius Articles of 2019

03.27.20 09:08 PM Comment(s) By Amy

Throughout the year, we share our insights and expertise in a variety of ways from teaching at conferences to writing for industry publications to offering our Master Classes.

Considering the abundance of information you deal with every day, you’ve probably missed some of our recent articles. We know – it’s hard to keep up. With that in mind, we’re happy to share some of our favorite articles from the past year.  

Grief in the WorkplaceChicago Tribune, January 2019
As baby boomers age, we are in for a death boom. In this exclusive interview in the Chicago Tribune, Amy urges workplace leaders to learn how to genuinely support for grieving employees.  
When the Towers Fall in Your Client’s LifeWealth Management, March 2019
Like everyone else, your clients have special dates - anniversaries, birthdays and other occasions - that reflect their major losses. These kinds of anniversaries illustrate important lessons about grief that you need to remember when supporting grieving clients and friends.  
Baby Boomers Don’t Own the Market on GriefXY Planning Network, May 2019
Although difficult life transitions go hand-in-hand with an aging clientele, baby boomers don’t have the corner on grief and loss. Even advisors with predominantly Gen X and Gen Y clients and colleagues need to become adept at grief support. 
Knowing how to provide comfort can set you apart from other advisors and foster fierce loyalty.  In this interview, Amy teaches advisors how to go beyond offering "thoughts and prayers" and say something truly meaningful.  
What to Say When Your Clients Die, Part 1Insurance News Network, June 2019
Life insurance agents talk about death as part of their business and can share a story or two about being the hero with the benefits check. But is that enough? In part one of this extensive interview, Amy
What to Say When Your Clients Die, Part 2Insurance News Network, June 2019
The quickest way to lose a family’s business when a client dies is to disappear when they need you most. If you’re not there, your clients are likely to realize that they don’t need you very much. Here’s how to make sure that won’t happen.
When Clients Survive a Mass ShootingInvestment News, July 2019
It’s our sad reality that this topic even comes up during advisor sessions. But as more and more advisors have clients affected by gun violence, we can no longer ignore the white elephant in the room. How do we support these victims? Advisors need to know.  
Am I Really Qualified to Talk About Grief?Wealth Management, September 2019
Many advisors do not feel qualified to ask about a client’s grief and prefer to just stick to business - unless the client brings it up and wants to talk. While understandable, there may be an even greater risk if you don’t ask. 
What do you do when a new hire notifies you that she has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and will not be joining your company? How do you respond? If you ever, even for a moment, think that facing death square-on is a bad idea, think again.
When a client’s loved one dies you have ample opportunities to support them emotionally and show that your interest goes beyond asset management. Here’s some new ideas on how to offer uncommon support during life’s difficult times. 

When clients are affected by tragedy, illness, or life-changing transitions, you know how to handle the money. But they want more. Please take a few moments over the coming weeks to read these articles. Continue your education on new ways to make a difference for your clients, and for your business.


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