Communicating and Coping in ​Times of Crisis 

In recent years, life has been disrupted in ways we never could have imagined. In times of crisis, stress, and uncertainty your clients look to you for understanding, support, and answers. You need more than financial smarts! You need education to understand your clients’ emotional experience and skills for how to communicate effectively through crisis. You also need to know how to help yourself and others cope with the pervasive stress and uncertainty.

This session addresses precisely those needs. Use these strategies for communicating and coping now and into the future, since they apply to all times of tragedy, crisis, loss, and grief. Build life-long client loyalty and referrals. Gain life skills that make a difference for everyone you work with, serve, or care about in this enlightening, educational, and universally practical session.

Amy also developed a version of this session specifically for clients events. There is understandable overlap between them, yet each one has aspects that are uniquely addressed to its particular audience. 

Both versions can be delivered via webinar or in-person and contain the scientific basis
behind our responses, including the levels and triggers of grief involved. In addition:

For Financial Professionals 
  • Communication strategies, including some things not to say, when speaking with grieving clients
  •  Helpful documents you can encourage clients to complete
  •  An abbreviated range of coping skills for you and those you work with or care about
 For Your Clients
  • How to talk to children/grandchildren about what’s happening
  • How to allow even difficult emotions and support each other through it
  • A wide range of coping skills to incorporate at home

Is The Session Effective?

Absolutely, as proven by the immediate and enthusiastic responses that we receive from advisors.
Here's just a few examples, and you can contact us for many more:
"In the 30 years I've been doing this, it was one of the best value-add events I have ever been a part of and I mean it."

"The content was outstanding! All things I can use immediately to better understand and help my clients, my friends, and my family."

"Thank you so much for today! Words can't explain the impact this will have on those who attended!"

"I couldn't write my notes fast enough! I'm planning to buy her book and highly recommend her to others. Fantastic use of my time, glad I attended!"

"Amy was a very engaging speaker and gave some really applicable examples and made me think in new ways… The webinar exceeded my expectations."

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