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Clients for Life

When someone you serve is grieving you can do what most people do: Stick to the jargon of your profession and only focus on business needs. Or awkwardly stammer over tedious, stock comfort phrases. Result? You unintentionally alienate those you serve.

Or, we can teach you powerful skills to effectively walk your clients through the toughest times of their lives and distinguish yourself from "most people". Result? Now you've got a client for life, and you've got their friends, families, and associates. Read More

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CEO, Thanatologist, Grief & Transition Author, Teacher & Coach.


Amy Florian’s influence stretches across the Financial Services Industry. Travelling the world to train professionals to effectively support clients in transition, her work shines a light on the widely overlooked topics of grief and loss.


With knowledge based in Thanatology (grief education), psychology, sociology, and neurology, Amy has worked with over 2000 grieving people. Combined, this advanced education and experience provides a unique perspective on how your clients and prospects want to be supported during life transitions.


As the population ages and professional services move from a sales-centric to client-centric focus, Amy’s practical, insightful training is crucial to doing the right thing for clients, retaining business across generations, and attracting new business from less educated competitors. Read More

A Profound Impact on Advisors and Their Clients

With insight and skill, we help advisors take highly emotional topics and break them down into accessible knowledge and actionable steps. Our goal is to help you serve your clients in ways that others are simply unequipped to do.

Oak brook Asset Management Corp

Learning to Support Grieving Clients
"I learned a lot from Amy that has helped me both professionally and personally. Friends and family have lost loved ones, and I have been more prepared to support them through those transitions. Read More Alternate Text

Spectrum Wealth Advisors

Service Its Aging Clientele With Grace, Good Will and Insight
"We have a 100% chance that our clients will experience the pain of death and major life transition. The skills we learned from Amy allow us to skillfully support clients in ways that many advisors simply can’t. Read More Alternate Text

Keynotes and Workshops That Educate, Motivate and Empower

When there is a death in a client’s family, do you say “I’m so sorry” like everyone else, or do they you know how to provide genuine comfort? Are you prepared to support an aging client showing signs of diminished capacity?

As the client base ages, knowing how to support clients in transition plays a surprisingly large role in building the trust and confidence that is the foundation of lasting client relationships.

Internationally recognized as an inspiring and knowledgeable speaker, Amy Florian offers practical insight on how to work with clients in transition and serve them in ways that benefit your clients, their families, and your firm. Read More

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An Indispensable Guidebook for Professionals Serving Clients Through the Transitions of Life


“After reading this book, it may very well be that you are the only person in the client’s life who truly knows how to properly communicate with a grieving individual – knowing what to do is so important when it comes to helping a client cope and eventually heal.” - Lee Bernstein, Business Manager; Eley-Graham Financial Advisory Services.


Life transitions put money in motion. Seventy percent of new investments and referrals result from transitions like birth, death, divorce, dementia or serious diagnosis, and retirement.


Thousands of financial professionals compete for this business, touting their skill in investing money, minimizing taxes, utilizing insurance, and coordinating estate planning. Those who succeed in getting the business have one additional skill: They understand the grief triggered by every life transition, and they know what to say and do to effectively support clients through the process. This guidebook is the definitive resource for professionals who work with clients in transition.

Can You Do More to Support Clients Dealing With Illness, Death, Divorce, Job Loss, or Other Major Transitions?

Learn powerful skills to effectively walk your clients through the toughest times of their lives. Held twice a year, our 2-l/2-day intensive training seminars teach practical skills to keep clients for life – and win the respect of their friends, families, and associates.