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Please join us in Chicago for our oft-requested "intensive" class. You learn in-office skills no other company teaches quite like us, gain new insights into how to best work with your clients, and have fun meeting some very special professional colleagues. Click here for all the details.
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Our Book is Available Now

  Life transitions are pivotal moments that put money in motion. In fact, seventy percent of new investments and referrals result from transitions like birth, death, divorce, dementia or serious diagnosis, and retirement.

This guidebook is the definitive resource for professionals who work with clients in transition. It is packed with insightful knowledge and practical applications that have a profound impact on clients and professionals alike.

Call 847.882.3491 for discounts on 20 or more copies or to co-brand the book for distribution to your constituents.
Who We Are
With exceptional grace, good-natured humor, and rock-solid science, we teach service professionals how to support their clients in times of grief, loss, and transition.

Some losses are devastating—the death of a beloved person. Some only a little less so—a life dream unfulfilled, a relationship ended, market collapse, chronic sickness, a job lost and the many transitions of aging. Even "smallish" transitions (losing a step to the younger guys on the court, losing a few yards to the younger women on the tee, downsizing one's home, launching happy children and emptying the nest) generate their own types of transition worthy of attention. And the list goes on.

When someone you serve is grieving you can do what most people do: stick to the left-brain jargon of your profession and address only those needs. Or awkwardly stammer over stock and oh-so-weary "comfort phrases". Result? You unintentionally alienate those you serve. That's a big mistake.

We wrap our knowledge in thanatology, psychology, sociology and neurology with the wisdom gleaned from working with 2,500 grieving people. This enables us to teach the powerful skills you need to distinguish yourself from "most people".

Ask the questions others do not know how to ask.

Replace worn-out platitudes with educated, skilled, and thoughtful responses.

When you walk clients through the toughest times of their lives, you've got a client for life, and you've got their friends, families, and associates.

Dare to learn unique skills that are very good for you and your clients.
Words From the Field
Gary Stuart left this voice mail after experiencing Part One of our training modules. Wait until he hears Parts Two through Five!

Lee Bernstein left this message about our "A Friend Indeed" session we delivered at the firm's after-hours client appreciation event.
Lee Bernstein
Lee Bernstein
Gary Stuart of Edward Jones
Gary Stuart of Edward Jones
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