Amy Introduces Our Master Class

“Every topic was important to me and the deep discussions will help immensely with our practice.” 

  -  Gail Andrews, Custom Financial Design

“Worth the time and money. I took away many ideas on how to incorporate what I learned into my business.”
  -  Jane Yoo, Jane Financial, LLC

“Excellent on all levels. Amy enables us to be better advisors, and simply better human beings.”
  -  Molly Thomas,  Abacus Planning

Professional Skills for Client Life Transitions

  • How many client funerals did you attend in the last year?
  • How many clients were divorced?  Did they retire? 
  • How many were affected by dementia? 

When clients are affected by tragedy, illness, or life-changing transitions, you know how to handle the money. But they want more. They want an advisor with the depth, knowledge, and skill to support them in non-financial ways as well. If they don’t get it, they will look for someone else. This training is hard to come by. Until now. 

Join us for a transformative experience as you learn to navigate all your clients’ life transitions, good or bad. Gain tools, skills, and protocols. Serve your clients in ways that others can’t, because they don’t know how. It’s the right thing to do for your clients…and rest assured, it will also be good for your business. 

Enjoy a learning experience unlike any other, a handsome collection of credits, and a new cohort of like-minded professionals. Nice.

Through lecture, written exercises, and targeted role play, learn and effectively integrate Corgenius training and protocols that can dramatically improve your practice. At the same time, gain a nation-wide network of partners for sharing best practices as you engage in directed table talks and informal conversational periods.

Come away prepared to walk your clients through the toughest times of life. Distinguish yourself from other advisors who don't know what you know, retain clients for life, and increase referrals.

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Spring Session  |  May 4 - 6, 2022  |  In-person

                            Registration Closed

Fall Session  |  September 14-16 , 2022  |  Virtual

                             $1,275 per person*

Spring 2023  |  May 3-5 , 2023  |  In-person | 

                            $1,595 per person*  -  registration opening soon    

 *Enjoy a 10% discount when you register 2 people from the same company,  and a 15% discount for 3 or more.

Earn  18 Continuing Education Credits for CFP Board, Investments & Wealth Institute, American College, and College for Financial Planning; and 7 credits for Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts

What I Learn
Workshop Details
What I Learn
  • You have clients going through illness, death, divorce, job loss, market collapse, or major transition, and you want to serve them in ways most advisors don't.
  •  Your stomach churns and you feel awkward at visitations, funerals, or post-death appointments, when greeting a terminally ill person.
  •  You need to know how to emotionally attend to a divorcing spouse differently than a widowed spouse.
  •  Your clients are aging and you want to make sure you are comprehensively protecting your firm and your client before there is a problem. 
  •  You have questions about diminishing capacity, what to watch for, the diseases that cause dementia, or what to do when you suspect something is wrong. 
  • You are concerned about the levels of fraud, scams, and financial exploitation that your clients may be susceptible to. 
  • Your clients are touched by suicide and you need to know how to support them. 
  • You think you do a better than average job comforting clients in transition, but you'd like to take your skills up a notch.
  • You attended a one- or two-hour Corgenius session at a conference or event and wished you had more time.
  • You want to do things that are good for your clients and also happen to be very good for client retention and referrals.
  •  You have the courage and tenacity to face topics that others avoid in order to grow both personally and professionally.
Workshop Details
CEU-  18 Continuing Education Credits for CFP Board, Investments & Wealth Institute, American College, and College for Financial Planning
- 7 credits for Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts
Time in CST 1 pm - 5 pm on Wednesday
8 am - 5 pm on Thursday
8 am - 3 pm on Friday
DoubleTree Hotel, O'Hare (Rosemont, IL)
Free airport shuttle from O'Hare.
Discount block hotel reservations available.
Our Phone 847.882.3491, ext: 3
Discount Enjoy a 10% discount when you register 2 people from the same company, and a 15% discount for 3 or more.

The Registration Cost Includes:
  • Our guidebook: No Longer Awkward: Communicating with Clients through the Toughest Times of Life
  • Our book: A Friend Indeed: Helping Those You Love When They Grieve
  • Compassionate Communications: Desktop Reference
  • Priority Actions after a Death
  • A comprehensive class workbook
  • Other support materials to use in the office